Plywood Chairs
OMP offers several models in moulded plywood chair shells. These are chic and stylish, and an ideal part of the décor of modern restaurants, hospitality, homes, offices and community centres. The multi-layer wood ply, mainly beech, is processed to high standards and transformed into innovative designs. Versatile and attractively designed, the shells come in various forms, and some models with interesting cut-outs on the backrest. Plywood arms are available for some models, and the frames are chrome plated. The base options are 4 leg frames, cantilever and swivel, for different models.
They can be finished in clear matte varnish, embossed lacquer varnish, concentrate varnish ( in cherry and walnut), and in several colours- natural, blue, orange, green, black, yellow. The articles comply with the current European regulations (E1 classification) concerning the emission of formaldehyde by wooden products.

LK001 Colour Code