Office Chairs

Office work is characterised by long hours in front of the computer, often sitting in incorrect positions which then cause joint and back problems.
Wire, the result of studies on comfort and ergonomics, is a patented dynamic seating system characterised by high standards of ergonomics and a refined construction technology, all contributing to an advanced functional design.

The wire collection comprises a wide range of versions to meet all the flexibility requirements of the modern office environment.
The swivel version comes in the "Works" and "Executive" models which differ in the choice of seat and backrest upholstery finishes.
Various optionals are available for both versions including the seat forward-back mechanism and the adjustable headrest.
Fixed cantilever versions are available in addition to the swivel versions.

Wire features a complete series of system for posture customisation characterised by simplicity and user-friendly operation. An innovative system of control buttons positioned on the arms, together with the other adjustment devices, offer a modern interpretation of the concept of ergonomics.

The numerous adjustments incorporated in the wire seating system are designed to guarantee complete adaptability to all user shapes and sizes.
All the controls can be operated by the user while remaining comfortably seated and with minimum effort.


  • possibility of backrest tilt lock/release;
  • seat height adjustment;
  • adjustment of integrated synchronised mechanism spring force;
  • lumbar support height adjustment;
  • arm height adjustment;
  • forward-back movement for seat depth adjustment (optional);
  • headrest height and angle adjustment (optional).

  • The single button on the right arm permits seat height adjustment directly via the gas column
    According to the user weight and preferences the integrated mechanism spring force can be adjusted via the side knob.
    In order to provide optimal support for the spine in the lumbar area a cushion is provided sliding on a height-adjustable guide.
    The lumbar support can be adjusted over a range of 7 cm.

    By pressing the button on the side of the arm, the height can be adjusted to 7 different positions. The armrest adjustment range is 6 cm.
    The handy button on the right of the seat permits forward-back movement of the seat, adjusting its depth with respect to the backrest.7 locking positions are provided over a range of 6 cm.
    The headrest supports the cervical area of the spine. Teh sliding components permit adjustment of both height and angle. The height adjustment is 5 cm.