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OMP s.p.a., Italy, a world-class manufacturer of chair and furniture   components, has now established a company in India to cater to   chair    manufacturers in the region. With over twenty-five years of   experience,    and four large manufacturing facilities, OMP exports   annually, over two    million components all over the world, to some   of   the largest chair    brands.

OMP is one of the only companies in the world with a very wide   range     of  components, that can cater to the office, hospitality,   institutional     and residential seating. The office range includes   trendy   contoured     backs and the ergonomically designed mesh   chair. In   keeping with the    latest trends in cafeteria seating, there   are also   several stackable and     folding models in vibrant colours.

Components produced by OMP are in accordance with European    standards certified by CATAS. These components would ensure   that    the final product is of a world class standard. With a strong    emphasis    on R&D, OMP brings out several innovative designs   each   year, to    ensure  that its customers too can bring out the   innovations   to the    market and maintain a leadership status.